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Get your digital guide for local music culture, launching soon for Android & iOS in Stuttgart

onTRACK – the music city platform

We connect local music history with their urban environment
and tell the story of their culture in an interactive, mobile tour an your mobile phone.

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Discover The Sound Of Your City

How? With onTRACK.

Be Part Of It!

We are always looking for locals, artists, media, people interested in the city and also editors to work with!

Do you have stories that you want to place in a digital city tour?
Are you the owner of a club, bar, shop or similar? and want to include it?
Are you interested  in the topic e.g. as city representative and want to support us?
OR do you have other ideas?

Get in touch with us.

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We Are The Founders

Can someone of us help you?

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Maraike Cordes

CEO & Co-Founder

With Maraike everything started. She had this idea for a long time and formed it during her Bachelor in Business Administration before she found fellows and the right environment during her master’s degree at the Popakademie. As the project manager, she has an overview of the various topics in terms of organization and content.

© 2019 Florian Müller

Asli Kaymaz

CEO & Co-Founder

With Asli the project picked up speed. With her Bachelor at the HdM Stuttgart and experience in music business she brought the right drive for the realization of the idea. As she is already deeply connected in the music scene and knows not only the how-to but also a great amount of music content she is into all the details.

© 2019 Florian Müller

Benjamin Rindt

CTO & Co-Founder

With Bennie the project started to become real. Being an app developer as well as being totally into the music scene by listening and playing, he connects music and tech as person – and also for us. He brings the app development on track with excitement for and knowhow of the project background.

Bringing Our Project To The World

Meet or follow us there!


For all the Reeperbahn Festival Attendees ✌️

Feel invited to listen in Aslis talk about the resonance of music, cities and people in the
Panel Experiencing Cities Via Music! (Thursday 10:10 AM)

Or join us Thursday 9:00 – 9:30 AM + Friday 5:00 – 6:00 PM in the
Music WorX Video Lounge!

Further, we are giving updates, input und more content now on onTRACK’s Instagram and you can connect with Asli about her talk via Linkedin:

Lately, we created a retrospective to capture our 2019 – the first startup year!

Have a look HERE.

Schau HIER in die deutsche Version.

Thank You.

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